Vegas is everything that’s right with America. You can do whatever you want, 24 hours a day. They’ve effectively legalized everything there. You don’t have to gamble if you don’t want to. There’s tons of churches in Vegas, too: You’ll see a church right next to a casino. But a lot of people like gambling, so they make money off it. Nobody forces you to put money in a machine and pull the handle. But the fact is they allow it. Nevada’s one of the most conservative states in the Union, but you can do what you want in Vegas and nobody judges you.

People Blaming Congress for Everything Are Dumb!

I hate it when people blame Congress for not doing their job and not working with the President. Or when non-supporters blame Obama, Obama supporters usually responds with “Well Congress is not working with him!” I’m not saying that Congress is doing a fantastic job, because they’re not, but I’m sorry, the PEOPLE are to blame for voting them in office.

Unlike voting for the President, there is no electoral collage. Your vote directly elects your state’s US Senator and your district’s Congressman/woman. You are voting for these people to represent YOU!

Also Senators and Congressmen/women don’t have term limits like the President. The most senior Senator as of December 2012 served for over 50 YEARS before he passed away (Daniel Inyoue from Hawaii). I’m not one to say if Senator Inyoue was doing a bad job or not because I’m not one of his constituents, but if the majority of his constituents actually pay attention to his voting record and found it unsatisfactory, would he be Senator for that long?

I’m originally from Southern California and was raised by parents who vote Democrat, but I now live in Las Vegas, NV. Diane Feinstein has been my home state’s senator for God knows how long, but if I paid more attention back then as I do know, I would vote her OUT! Feinstein is basically shitting on the 2nd Amendment with her gun ban legislation, and she has been pushing this long before Sandy Hook. So, that means I can’t defend myself, but she can? WTF!

It’s also really annoying that the same people who likes to blame Congress are the same people who don’t even know who their Congressman/woman or Senator are. The average person does not know the name of the person that the constituents in their district voted to represent them!

However, I admit I was one of them. It wasn’t until I moved out of my hometown that I knew the name of the Congressman who served my district. And when I moved to Vegas, I didn’t vote during the mid-term elections because I felt that I didn’t stay in the area long enough to know who to vote for. But when 2014 comes, I will definitely be more informed. I definitely want Joe Heck out of his office and Harry Reid needs to go too! I need to point out that Heck is a Republican and Reid is a Democrat, so I’m non-partisan at all!

There is a saying out there that it’s insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. Congress is doing a horrible job, as many are saying, but then they’re continued to get voted in to keep their positions. If people can wake up, pay attention, and not be so ignorant, then perhaps Congress can do a better job. Maybe perhaps people would stop voting for the 2-party dictatorship that is the Republicans and Democrats.

Just wanted to get this off my chest…

I’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube about gun control and practically every argument that is for gun control are based on emotional and knee-jerk reactions that is usually void of logic, facts, and reason. Every argument against gun control mostly always been logical, especially when Chicago is mentioned or FBI statistics. This video is the most logical argument against gun control I’ve seen.

A Thing About TFP (Trade for Print) Shoots

Okay! I wanted to express this somewhere, but not on my Facebook because there is a certain person whose feelings I don’t want to hurt. As much as I love taking pictures and don’t really mind who I shoot especially on my free time, I rather do TFP shoots with models who ACTUALLY has a chance of either getting signed by an agency or getting work. Just because you did one photo shoot with an amateur photographer who made you look pretty good, you’re not a model.

He told me about a week ago that he has a female friend who is looking for a photographer to help build her portfolio, and also wanted to do a couples shoot with her. He sent me pictures of her and she also didn’t look like a potential model, but I was willing to shoot them both. So I asked him if him and his friend wanted to shoot at a dry lake bed in Jean, that I will take them all in my car, and he told me they both agreed to it. I had many ideas on what to shoot out there, but those ideas went away once he told me that she wasn’t going to come. He admitted that he never met her in person and she was not comfortable doing a shoot with him, but he was still willing to come with me.

I had to make up some kind of lie because I don’t know what to do with just him out there. I wanted the both of them together, otherwise, I will not waste my time. So I texted him telling him I was sick. But then I scheduled a quick TFP shoot with another guy who has the body and face that can actually get him work…a complete contrast to the other guy.

Anjanette 365

I have started a 365 photo a day project, taking one picture once a day for the entire year. Here is the link:

I spend more time here on the outside instead of the inside. Luckily I watched a show here and it was beautiful! (Taken with Instagram at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts)

I spend more time here on the outside instead of the inside. Luckily I watched a show here and it was beautiful! (Taken with Instagram at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts)

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram